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Sultan Road

The mangled body of a young woman was discovered in some bushes near an office building in Southwest Los Angeles. LAPD Detective Sergeant Carlos Aguilar was sent to investigate.

The victim turned out to be the accountant at a nearby housing complex that was the sole remaining structure in an area that once contained a neighborhood.  Witnesses described two men who carried the victim away from a nearby nightclub parking lot after a barroom fight, but there was no forensic evidence and very few clues for Aguilar to proceed with.

About the Author

David attended the University of North Carolina and California State University, Los Angeles receiving degrees in Economics, Business Administration, and Computer Information Systems.

David’s publishing credits include: The Florida Caper, a mystery/adventure yarn set in South Florida involving stolen jewelry that carries a curse; Galvez Stadium, a unique piece of fiction about the endeavors of building a football stadium during a revolution in Santiago, Chile; and Woodruff’s Firebase, reflecting the great intensity of the conflict in Vietnam.

He is now retired living in Orange County, California after a career as an IT consultant.

This is a truly riveting story that is so much better than the stuff on TV. I requested and received a free ebook copy from BooksGoSocial via NetGalley. Thank you!

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The Florida Caper

David Celley

A rare and valuable jewelry piece is stolen from the Palm Beach mansion of a wealthy industrialist. The piece itself, called the “Eye of the Sun,” includes fragments of the famous Hope Diamond, rumored to be cursed. The industrialist asks his nephew, Greg, to find the lost treasure, with the assistance of private investigators Mike and Tina.

Galvez Stadium

David Celley

In Santiago, Chile, revolution simmers in the shadows. In the pursuit of international legitimacy, the government of General Antonio Galvez de Montoya is pulling out all the stops to build a state-of-the-art stadium to host the FIFA world championship. Unfortunately, it is the poorest residents of the country who will pay the true price of this glory, as crucial domestic programs are sacrificed. A well-organized leftist movement, enraged by the brutal conditions of the poor, threatens the status quo at a time when the eyes of the world are on Chile and Galvez is not amused.

Woodruff’s Firebase

David Celley

The boy next door gets a bad grade in college, drops out, gets drafted, and sent to fight in the Vietnam War. He’s any other ordinary kid of age 19 when he begins this adventure, but he’s altogether a different person when it’s over — irreparably changed by this strange and different war.